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Good Bye Student Loans

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Pay As You Earn

Get the lowest student loan payment possible using the PAYE repayment plan.

Income Based

The easiest repayment plan to qualify for, IBR will help you manage your student loan debt.

Income Contingent

For borrowers using Parent Plus loans an ICR plan can dramatically improve your situation.

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What is the Income Driven Repayment plan?

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What Is Income Driven Repayment?

Income Driven Repayment plans were designed to ease the burden of student loan payments. 

Now you can apply for payments that are based on your income situation, family size and monthly expenses… NOT your student loan balance. You can substantially lower or even possibly ELIMINATE YOUR MONTHLY PAYMENTS when you apply. The balance of your loans will be forgiven by the US Department of Education if you follow the correct steps.  

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“My loans were in collections. I didn’t even know this program existed until I called. Now I’m saving $460 a month. Can’t thank you guys enough.”



Student Debt Defeater

“The staff are so friendly and knowledgeable. They really helped me decide which plan would save me the most money. I can finally breathe again! Thanks so much!”



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“Being a teacher, I qualify for a special program that lowered my payments AND my loan term ends sooner than most. I’m making my brother call today!”

Student Loan Forgiveness


Student Loan Terminator

“I couldn’t believe how quickly my application was prepared because I found the process confusing on my own. I should have called weeks ago, my payment is now $0 “



Student Debt Champion

Available For


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Credit Score Is Not A Factor

Plans for everyone


Pay As You Earn

10% of Discretionary Income

  • Lower Monthly Payments
  • Qualifies For Loan Forgiveness
  • 10 To 20 Year Term
  • Must Recertify Annually


Income Based Repayment

15% of Discretionary Income

  • Lower Monthly Payments
  • Qualifies For Loan Forgiveness
  • 25 Year Term
  • Must Recertify Annually


Income Contingent Repayment

20% of Discretionary Income

  • Lower Monthly Payments
  • Qualifies For Loan Forgiveness
  • 25 Year Term
  • Parent Plus Loans

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